Eastmont Townhomes 

Operated by Eastmont Developers, LLC, part of the GOLD MF investment opportunities.



Avg. SqFt

Stabilized Cash on Cash

Year Hold Period

Equity Multiple
20% +

Internal Rate of Return

Investment Summary

GOLD MF is under contract on a 33-unit all townhome community in Wenatchee, WA, where we currently operate a 30-unit apartment complex.

This project has massive upside potential with the value-add plan we have in place which is to:

  • Convert many of the 1,800 sqft 2-bedroom units into both 3 and 4-bedroom units
  • Interior renovations to GOLD and Platinum level finishes
  • Add Class A Amenity Packages including covered parking, a playground, off leash dog park, covered community grill, improved signage and mail center
  • Install GOLD MF management best practices  

The entity Eastmont Developers, LLC was created to purchase and hold this property. It’s an opportunity that allows for equity positions only, and we are accepting both accredited and non-accredited investors. We are currently raising $2,350,000 in exchange for 65% ownership of Eastmont Developers, LLC. The funds will be used for long-term debt, acquisition costs, renovation expenses, operating reserves, and sponsor fees.

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Investment Highlights

  • 33-units, 1977 construction with 1990's remodel.
  • Full townhome community with oversized units > 1,550 sqft.
  • Massive value-add upside through interior renovations, adding bedrooms, a Class A Amenity package, and Gold MF management best practices.
  • Existing operational asset in a high growth and strong MSA.
  • Strong location - 1.5 miles from AAA+ Retail and Grocers with a residential setting.
  • Depreciation expense in first year estimated to exceed 25% of investment through a cost segregation study.

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