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Real Estate Investments

At Gold MF, we are driven by our passion for growth and the relentless pursuit of vibrant opportunities. Our mission is to positively impact one million families through housing services by investing into communities that serve as a platform for social growth and economic progress. With an underlying-obsession for excellence and a deep-rooted love for our fellow person, we strive to drive transformation, nurturing the development of thriving neighborhoods and delivering sustainable wealth to our investors. Made possible by investing in our people first by helping them become the best person they can be.



Because being better than yesterday is our foundation.


Never quit feverishly pursuing when there is value on the line.


The everlasting constant, this is our true legacy.


To be the absolute best, each day.


Families impacted through housing services.


We invest in the development of our people’s health and well-being.

Impact on Clients

Read what our clients are saying about our real estate investing services:

Middle School Principal
Bellevue School District 

We’ve worked with Karl and GOLD MF on three different real estate investments and have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and personal touch.  In the beginning, Karl gave us personalized tours of the proposed property investment, making time to answer our questions with a breathtaking depth of knowledge and understanding.

We appreciated his conservative approach and allowances for contingencies and obstacles that fortunately never manifested.  The first investment outperformed all our expectations earning over 36% return in just 15 months.  Since then, we have continued investing with GOLD MF and remain pleased with the detailed communications, timely payouts and top notch service.

Karl and GOLD MF have earned our trust and we highly recommend them and their services.

Founder & CEO
Financial Advisory Firm

Karl and his team communicate well and provide great data that creates transparency and builds trust.

As a passive investor who doesn’t have time to manage my own real estate while I run my own business and being present for my family, trusting him to identify profitable deals and manage them allows my money do more without taking time away from my core focuses.

If other investors are looking for real estate upside, passive investment income, and knowledgeable partners, adding Gold MF to your team of real estate investing options would be a valuable thing to do.

Project Engineer of 37 years

I’m using Gold MF for my real estate investments, which adds diversification to my whole retirement investment portfolio. I have invested with Gold MF on six of his real estate projects and I’m very satisfied and pleased with the level of information that is provided about the investments and the ongoing communications. I would highly recommended Gold MF for real estate investments, I feel that investment opportunities are intensely vetted and I have been very pleased with my past and current investments. I am very interested in future investment opportunities that are offered by Gold MF.

Developer & Construction Services

Working with Karl and his team has been a stress-free experience and a great way for me to incorporate real estate into my investment portfolio.  Karl has earned my trust.  He has proven he will not chase a deal just for sake of closing a deal if the returns are not there or the risk are too high.

I have been very pleased with the real estate investments I’ve participated in with Karl.  Karl and his team have exceeded my expectations.

Without hesitation I would recommend Karl and his team for investment opportunities in real estate.  Karl has proven to be a trustworthy source for investing and has impressed me with his ability to find creative was to invest in real estate. I will look forward to continuing to invest with Karl in future projects anytime I have funds available to diversify into real estate.